Please read our Frequently Asked Questions.
[toggle title=”What files are included?”]
This depends on the license tier that you choose. Every license will come with an MP3 file at the very least. Some licenses will offer WAV and Trackouts/Stems as part of their offering. You’ll see exactly what files are delivered for a license before you add it to the cart.

[toggle title=”How much does it cost?”]
It’s free to sign up and listen to beats as an Artist. To license tracks as a producer you must have a subscription, every producer has their own set of pricing, license tiers and license agreements. Just browse our huge catalog, find your perfect Track and you’ll be able to see all the pricing and terms before you make the purchase.

[toggle title=”I bought a track but haven’t received the files.”]
If you haven’t received your files within 2 hours, first double-check the following:
Your spam folder (sometimes the files are hiding in there)
Check your receipt; does it say the transaction has been “completed” or “successful?” If the transaction is still pending or has been marked as an e-check the files will not arrive until the payment is finished processing,
If for some reason you still haven’t received the files please send an email with your receipt to and we will send the files to you manually. Please allow at least 3 business days for us to get back to you.

[toggle title=”What can I use the tracks for?”]
The majority of licenses on SounTrac are recording licenses. This means you are licensing the track to use to record a new song and make a music video. While this is the case for most licenses, some licenses will include using the track for other content like video.

If you are looking for licenses for sync or gaming, please contact us directly.

[toggle title=”Will the voice tags be removed from the track after I purchase a license?”]
Yes, all producer tags will be automatically removed once the track has been purchased. You will receive the track files via email once the transaction has been successfully completed.
Some producers will keep one tag at the beginning of the beat as their way of branding, this is normal and it’s heard all over music these days